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Score the No-Deposit Bonus!

At Simpledice, anyone has a chance of winning free crypto without depositing. Claim faucet drops and win a KONG token prize every hour. Plus, if you stake, you'll receive extra drops even faster!
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How to Win a No Deposit Bonus

Playing the Faucet Tournament is super easy

Number one.

Sign Up

Register using a Web3 wallet, email, Google or Apple account. We have a strict no-KYC policy, so your gaming experience is completely anonymous.
Number two.


Claim your Faucet drops on the Faucet refill located in the bonuses section.
Number three.

Play Games!

Play any game using your drops and climb the Faucet leaderboard before the tournament ends.

Why You Should Try the Faucet Mode?

You can win KONG without depositing money by claiming your faucet drops every 10 minutes.
You can claim it continuously and win thousands of KONG daily. If you increase your rank, you can increase the speed of your drop claims and the amount of drops of each claim.
What is KONG?
Switch to KONG mode for leaderboards and more exclusive crypto rewards. Stake tokens for passive income and join the thrill rewards at Luckydice! 🎉
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Decentralized Token

KONG operates on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain networks via an ERC-20 smart contract.
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Easy Swapping

Use a Web3 wallet like MetaMask to exchange KONG tokens for other cryptocurrencies easily.
Pump Up Your Faucet Refill with KONG Staking
There are even more ways to upgrade your winnings:
Stake KONG tokens –you’ll speed up your faucet claim and get more drops! Deposit the KONG you’ve won in the Faucet Tournaments in your dedicated staking account, and your faucet refill will get increasingly supercharged.

Stake Your KONG For Even More Rewards

How can you earn even more KONG tokens?

After you win and claim your faucet KONG prize, head to the bonuses section and deposit your tokens into your staking account. You will generate passive income directly from Luckydice’s earnings since the monthly staking rewards are extracted from the gross gaming revenue –your earnings will increase if players wager more during the payout period.

Transfer your VIP status

Are you a legendary player in other casinos? We offer the possibility to transfer the VIP status you've reached in other crypto casinos to Simpledice. But, what would you get?

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Personalized support

Elevate your gaming with a personal VIP manager guiding you through games.
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VIP Chat

Exclusive VIP chat channel to share advice with other high rollers!
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Unique VIP KONG airdrops and exclusive giveaways.

Faucet benefits

Extra faucet drops for no deposit bonus!
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VIP Magic Wheel

Get free spins to win between 10 KONG and 7 BTC every 2 hours.
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VIP Rain

Play regularly for a chance to win huge with chat rains every day!
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VIP Tournaments

Access to special closed tournaments with boosted prizes coming soon!
Start Rolling!

Challenge your luck and the crypto bonuses won't stop coming!