How can I win money by referring new players?

You can earn BKD by referring people to the game. After claiming, you can swap your earnings into any currency. The affiliate program grants a gross gaming revenue share percentage extracted from the house edge of the money wagered by your referred players. You will earn a commission whether your referred players win or lose.

Your referrals don’t need to win bets for you to get a commission.

To start referring players, share your default campaign link (tracking link) found on your affiliate dashboard.

You can divide your referred players into groups by creating campaigns and referring people with specific campaign links.

To see and claim the BKD you won by referring people, click on the Affiliate tab open your affiliate dashboard and click on the Affiliate tab. Then click on Claim in the Available to claim tile. You can convert your BKD to any currency when you claim them.

If you want to know more about the revenue share percentages, click here.